Friday, March 26, 2021

The Giant’s Causeway

Deep within null space in a rarely visited system, far away from its parent’s star, a structure will be erected.

It is a broad road made out of fairy dust, twinkling with a mesmerising glitter of sparkling lights. All along this road are stood a row of gigantic statues on either side of the road. Each statue’s hands rest on the pommel of their sword. Each statue outlines the figure of one of the creators of this universe, in quiet celebration of their contributions to its success. The genius in far and fair Reykjavik will know how to provide a proper sound scape to enthral its visitors.

The road ends at a familiar structure, a monument to the greater capsuleer community.

Developers who could not serve the required time to receive their swords will be placed at the start of the road towards the monument, one arm stretched out towards the monument. They too have served with honour.

The monument can be interacted with. For the price of one PLEX the capsuleer invoking the procedure will see their character’s face lighting up the sky on a huge billboard. 

Alliances will be able to have their logo proudly displayed atop the Territorial Claim Unit above the causeway. If left unchallenged the TCU will keep displaying the alliance’s logo for as long as the regular fees for a TCU are maintained. If this fee is allowed to lapse the TCU will revert to a neutral state. It is entirely up to the alliances in EVE whether they want to challenge their rivals for the right to have their logo displayed.

Proceeds from these interactions will be donated to the children’s hospital in Reykjavik.