Tuesday, September 1, 2020


The years will acquire seasons.

One of these seasons will be for remembrance. A moment where we think back to the loved ones we lost.

We might find ourselves in Molea system, where we suspended a can above the capsuleer monument. It would be pleasing to have a means to pay tribute to our lost friend.

The memorial could display a kiosk. Into that interface we would enter the name of the pilot we wish to commemorate, together with a caption. For the price of a single PLEX a giant billboard would display the features of our beloved friend together with the caption. Multiple such billboards could be displayed simultaneously.

To make sure the image would be preserved, if such is required, a one-time registration, for 100 PLEX (or whatever the Elysian minds in far and fair Reykjavik deem fair and appropriate) could be deposited so that it could reside in a database for easy and convenient long-term retrieval.

For one additional PLEX the billboard could be enlivened by fireworks in honour of the dearly departed.

This would serve to enhance immersion, to honour our fallen comrades and friends, but most of all, to anchor within our souls the idea that EVE is real, it is our home among the stars and we all share a place within it.